Exercise Keeps You Moving – In More Ways than One

As a person ages, their bodily functions slow down a bit. Metabolism slows (unfortunately), and the amount of energy you might be used to having also diminishes a bit. But this doesn’t need to cause you to come to a screeching halt! Instead, counteract these problems with exercise, to keep all parts of your body in better motion. How does this work?

Increased Energy

Exercise gives you increased energy. This has a bunch of varying reasons. When muscles are worked regularly, they are more efficient, which leads to being able to do things with more strength. The added strength makes it possible for them to feel like less effort is being made when doing daily tasks, which leads to that feeling of energy and productivity. Also, when you regularly exercise, you sleep better and more deeply at night. And you already know that better sleep makes you feel much more energized than poor sleep!

More Regular Digestion

Sometimes as metabolism slows, the functions of your digestive system feel like they crawl to an unsteady halt. This can include gastro symptoms which are increasingly uncomfortable—reflux, indigestion, ulceration, and even things like prolapse or hemorrhoids. Exercise might be the last thing on your mind if you’re experiencing symptoms of internal or external hemorrhoids, but it can actually be quite beneficial. By making things move more quickly and easily through all of the system, your body benefits to prevent extra complications as well.

Your Brain

Thirty minutes of exercise three times a week keeps your brain moving more quickly as well! Exercise has several functions. It helps you sleep better at night, which leads to your alertness during the day, of course. It helps minimize depression in many instances, making it more possible to think clearly. It even increases your heart rate, which pumps more blood to the brain, which shifts your hormones to heal brain function!

You don’t need to worry about everything slowing to a creeping pace in your body and mind as you age! A small amount of heart friendly, caring movement for your body can keep everything moving together outside and within. Make sure to monitor your needs and choose an exercise which works best for your own body. Remember, the best kind of exercise to do is one you enjoy, because you will continue to do it! Keep yourself moving to keep everything in motion.

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