Habits That May Be Hindering Your Fitness

Increasing your fitness is satisfying and good for your health. Luckily, there is no one right way to gain fitness so you can choose an activity you enjoy. As you seek to improve your fitness, there are some habits you should watch out for.

Training Too Much and Too Hard

Most people know that getting too little exercise hinders your fitness, however, too much exercise can also cause problems. Training too much and too hard can lead to overtraining syndrome. This happens because during exercise the muscle fibers break down and your body can’t repair itself well because it doesn’t have enough rest. There are many factors you should consider to know if you are training too much and too hard. If you start to hit a plateau, gain weight, have problems sleeping, or are always sore or injured it is a good sign you need to take a rest and reevaluate your fitness routine.

Drinking Your Calories

When you exercise your nutrition is also important. It will help your body recover and help you achieve your goals. If you are drinking your calories, you may not get adequate nutrition, while also gaining weight without realizing it. While weight doesn’t define fitness, gaining weight in the form of fat can hinder it. Sports drinks are common among exercisers and athletes. Sports drinks may have electrolytes, but they’re also full of added sugars. Protein drinks are other drinks that can be full of sugar and contribute to too many calories. You can even get a lot of calories if you are drinking fruit juice!

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for your fitness because it allows your body to rest and recover. When you exercise you break down your muscles and then need to give them time to repair while you sleep. When you sleep enough your body can produce growth hormone which helps you build and maintain lean muscle. When you don’t sleep enough you will recover much more slowly, which means each workout will be less effective. You should aim to get around 8 hours of sleep each night for optimal benefits.Increasing your fitness will help you gain confidence and increase your health. While some habits can hinder you, it is important to know that your fitness is a lifelong process. Once you are following basic principles, you can find the right amount of exercise, nutrition, and sleep that is right for you.Check out this article on how to lose weight without aggressive dieting!
Example: Treadmill (2x), Elliptical (2x), etc.
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