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Health Matters – Interesting fact we just learned about Covid 19

Health Matters
Interesting fact we just learned about Covid 19

   In my morning workout, I was listening to Joe Rogan and US Representative candidate Wesley Hunt discuss a variety of things. Then as usual they came around to Covid 19. Many of us have had varying thoughts and opinions on this subject. It doesn’t help that we have been bombarded by so many opinions as well as facts. Facts that sound like opinions and opinions that sound like facts.

   However, one thing has been consistent in 2020 as we have been trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong when trying to make sure we do not get sick. That’s our health.

Healthy Eating

 In an article from Webmd.com on Sept. 1st, the article states that the new data from the CDC states that only 6% of deaths are from “Covid-19 only” patients. This means that 94% had preexisting conditions or comorbidities.

   Ok…. Great! But that still does not take away from the others who have died. That is absolutely correct. However, we have known for a long time that taking care of yourself physically is the best medicine available. No matter what issues you may already have. This is the one thing the news media is leaving out of the reports.

   Physical fitness and a healthy diet are the way we fight all forms of sickness. Being active and eating well are 2 things that can be done multiple times a week or every day. This will improve multiple aspects of your life. Ultimately it is your best defense. It may just be speculation, but how many lives would be saved if those individuals had been healthier and their “Comorbidities” had been in better check?

   So, get moving. Go back to the gym if you feel it is safe enough. Use your treadmill towel rack for something besides hanging clothes on. If the treadmill or any other equipment is broken, get it fixed. Get outside and go for a walk. Just get moving.

   If you need to get something fixed, reach out between now and the end of next week (Friday – 10/30/20). Mention this email and we will give you 10% off any parts that may be needed. 

Let’s stop the spread of Covid – 19.