How to Achieve Balanced Results in Your Fitness Plan

One of the downsides to most fitness plans is their unsustainability. Quick results often mean that you can lose the results just as quickly. If you want to achieve balanced results in your fitness, do the following.

Create Multiple Goals

One of the acronyms that many professionals use when describing successful goals is SMART goals. This stands for specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based. These are all important aspects of your goals and can help you be more successful in reaching them. When you’re trying to reach one big fitness goal, such as losing weight or becoming stronger, it can be helpful to break it up into smaller, more easily attainable goals. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight you could mark your progress by your measurements or weight. Creating these multiple goals makes you feel like you’re making more progress, and keeps you motivated.

Use All Your Muscles

When you’re trying to reach any type of fitness goal, it’s important that you take a balanced approach to the process. Utilizing all of your muscles ensures that you see results all over your body, and continue to boost your overall fitness levels. There are many workouts that allow you to target all the muscles in your body. Swimming utilizes multiple muscles, making it a full-body workout. You can also break up your workouts to focus different workouts on different muscles. However, just be sure to vary your workouts enough that you use all your muscles regularly. 

Don’t Forget the Food

When discussing fitness, many tend to forget the importance of food in the equation. However, even if you are working out regularly, you won’t see the results you want if you’re not eating the right foods. To see the most balanced and long-lasting results, you should focus on eating intuitively. This means listening to your hunger cues and eating what your body really craves. This also means that no food is off-limits. If you find yourself craving sugary sweets, allow yourself to eat until you’re satisfied. You’ll also find yourself craving fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods, and be able to have a well-balanced and happy diet. Achieving your fitness goals can be a lifelong pursuit. However, if you take small steps to create achievable habits, you can see the results you want. Keep these tips in mind to see the results you want in your fitness routine. Check out this article on how to get more lasting energy from your food!
Example: Treadmill (2x), Elliptical (2x), etc.
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