How to Improve Your Flexibility

Being flexible can help you in many areas of your life, but many people still worry that their flexibility is fixed and can’t be improved. However, you can actually do many things that will help you to increase flexibility and feel more comfortable moving around and stretching. When you improve your flexibility you will start to see benefits in your mobility and strength that can help you to enjoy your life even more.

Stretch More

The first tool you have to increase flexibility is taking the time to stretch. As you continually stretch your body, you can start to increase your range of motion and your ability to stretch further. You want to make sure that you stretch in a slow and deliberate way that allows you to carefully control your motions. Taking time to stretch every day, even just for a few minutes, will start to improve your flexibility over time.

Use a Hot Tub

You can also harness the power of heat to improve your flexibility and loosen your muscles. Hot water can help relax your muscles and decrease tension. When you sit in a hot tub, you give your body time to recover and relieve tension which puts you in a great place to continue functioning well. Make heat a regular part of your recovery process, especially the wet heat that a hot tub can provide.

Focus on Your Breath

Sometimes the stiffness in your body is increased because you aren’t breathing in a way that helps you to remain flexible. When you are able to focus on your breath, you can actually help to improve your flexibility. Getting into a regular habit of checking how you breath and breathing with intention, you can start to improve your flexibility. You should also think about your breathing while you are stretching. This will help you to be more comfortable and to be able to take your stretches just a little bit further. Make sure that you never stretch beyond what you feel comfortable doing, especially in a quick way. Improving your flexibility is going to have benefits for many aspects of your life. And, when you are more flexible, you will actually feel better generally. As you work to make sure that your body has the flexibility it needs to function well, you can ensure that you are comfortable and happy doing the exercise and daily tasks you need to accomplish. Check out this article on the crucial nutrients that you might not be getting enough!