How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

The benefits of exercise are well-documented and well-advertised. But it still can be very hard to find the motivation to get up and do it. Why? Because it’s difficult! If you have all the desire to be healthy, but none of the motivation, here are some tips and tricks to check out.

Work Out With a Friend

How many times have you told yourself, “Tomorrow, I’ll wake up on time and exercise first thing in the morning,” only to find yourself far too invested in your rest to actually do anything? Maybe not just once, not twice, but every time you try? That’s the wonder of working out with a friend. This way, you both hold each other accountable. No procrastinating just because you’re not feeling it! You make a commitment to meet at a certain place at a certain time, and you have to keep that commitment. If you decide not to participate, you’ll be letting someone down – and that can be the motivation you need to get out of bed and go run, bike, or lift weights with a friend.

Understand the Health Benefits

If you know exactly why you want to exercise, it can be more motivating. Exercise has many wondrous health benefits. It’s good for your brain, your heart, your lungs, your stamina, your strength, your speed, your circulatory system, and just about everything else. Also, regular exercise can help you reduce stress. Make a list of all the reasons you want to exercise and put it where you can see it and read it when you wake up in the morning. Remember: nothing is going to change unless your habits change. These results are real. They may take time to recognize, but they are guaranteed if you do the work.

Reward System

Everybody is motivated by different things. What makes your day special? What do you really look forward to? Use those motivators to help yourself exercise. Tell yourself, “Okay, if I exercise today, I can play that video game I’ve been wanting to try,” or “I can try that new frozen yogurt place on the corner.” Start small – start by rewarding yourself after just getting out of bed and starting the exercise. For the majority of people, just starting is the hardest part. Gradually increase your daily goals as you adjust. When a person is both not exactly prone to exercise, but loves to procrastinate, you’ve got yourself a difficult personal obstacle to overcome. But it is entirely possible! It’s about starting. Don’t worry about anything else until you’ve got the habit down. Check out this article on what you need for the perfect morning workout!