The Most Difficult Parts About Going to the Gym in the Beginning

When you first join a gym, you might feel enthusiastic and determined to meet your fitness goals. You can imagine yourself in a few months looking and feeling better than ever. But you might also find yourself making excuses for not going regularly. Don’t worry, gym avoidance is not unusual, and you can work through it.

Overcoming Fear

Gym anxiety is more common than you think. The gym is an unfamiliar place filled with people you don’t know, and you’ll be handling equipment you may feel clumsy with at first. Fear of failure is common. You may worry about making the wrong move or being negatively judged by others.Try to schedule your gym time when fewer people are there. You can gain confidence by hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach to guide you through your routine. Joining a fitness class can help you make friends and develop a sense of belonging.

Getting in the Habit

In the beginning, you will need to schedule regular gym time so you can develop the habit. Try going at the same time each day. After a few weeks, your workouts will become a natural part of your daily schedule, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to them.With regular gym attendance, you’ll quickly see the benefits. You’ll notice positive changes both physically and mentally. You can feel stronger, sleep better, and handle stress more effectively. Exercise can be a great habit for improving your mental health each day.

Managing Disruptions

Once you’ve established your gym habit, expect it to be disrupted once in a while. Holidays, work demands, vacations, and minor illnesses can all take you away from your gym attendance for a day or longer. To avoid losing motivation, plan for your time away and get back on track as soon as possible.You can create an at-home exercise routine you can use on those days when you can’t make it to the gym. Walking, running, or biking can be good substitutes. Indoors, try stretches, yoga positions, and hand weights. Getting motivated to go to the gym does require some discipline at the beginning. Keep in mind you’re making a major change in your life that will benefit you in the long run. With a little work, you can overcome the obstacles and make gym-going an integral part of your life. Check out this article on how to start seeing results at the gym!
Example: Treadmill (2x), Elliptical (2x), etc.
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