What to Do When Your Workout Plan is Getting Stale

If you’ve managed to plan and enact a consistent workout schedule for yourself – congratulations! That is not an easy task. However, that same plan can get old fast, especially if you’ve been doing it for months on end. Here are some ways to mix it up.

Find a Workout Partner

Partners can completely switch up the game. They can help hold you accountable for agreeing to exercise at a certain time. They also can make workouts that were previously boring, interesting; you now have somebody you can talk with all you like. While some exercises may make it difficult, that is not always the case. But regardless – even just having somebody next to you, doing the same exercises, can result in a much larger sense of motivation and confidence. You’ll be able to do exercises that might be dangerous without a spotter or buddy. Even just running around your city can sometimes be dangerous alone.

Get Out of the Weight Room

Weights are great and all, but only can really do so much. Constantly cycling through the same muscle groups every week – arms, legs, core, full-body, back – gets old. It doesn’t help that most gyms probably only have one to three different ways to work out each muscle group (if that). Finding a new sport or field of exercise that you enjoy can make a massive difference in how you approach exercise. Swimming makes use of almost every major muscle group and is a great alternative to running. Dancing is a surprisingly intensive and explosively fun way to improve cardio and coordination. Find what niche you can happily use to push yourself, and you’ll feel much better.

Find the Next Level

Every exercise has easier versions for beginners – but every exercise also has extra-difficult versions for those who want to push themselves. There are numerous creative exercises you can use to challenge yourself. Are your push-ups too basic? Try doing them with your arms straightened forward and with your head and neck tucked underneath. Has running gotten boring? Try sprinting short distances at a blistering speed or exploring more complicated terrain. You could even incorporate meditation or yoga into your routine if you’re looking for more balance between your body and mind.If all you ever did was stay inside your comfort zone, you might not even be exercising on a regular basis. Exploration and experimentation are the keys to fulfillment. Don’t hesitate to push yourself to try something new – all the more so if you’re getting bored.Check out this article on crucial nutrients you might not be getting enough!
Example: Treadmill (2x), Elliptical (2x), etc.
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