When to Know It’s Time to Slow Down

When to Know It’s Time to Slow Down. The last few years have brought quite a culture shift, and one of the biggest things people have been talking about is hustle culture and how it can actually be detrimental to well-being, rather than being something to praise. While you may be used to living life full steam ahead, there is a benefit to taking a break and ensuring your life has balance. But if you aren’t used to this, you may find it hard to figure out when you need a break.

You Experience Extreme Fatigue

Being tired is one thing, but extreme fatigue is a sign that your body is burnt out and needs rest. If you don’t listen, you may actually do more damage in the long run. If you find yourself with symptoms, such as struggling to concentrate, having no appetite, vision difficulties, and a lack of energy, you may be dealing with extreme fatigue. 

There are a variety of causes that can cause fatigue, so it is important to slow down and take some time to figure out what you are struggling with and address that cause. 

You Get Injured

Injury is one of the hardest things to deal with if you are a go-getter. Rather than choosing to slow down, it actually forces you to, because your body simply isn’t capable of doing everything you normally can. As you start to recover, make sure you don’t go back to full speed ahead. 

You need to listen to your doctor and other healthcare professionals to make sure that you recover properly. Adding more pressure to your injury will make it less likely to heal. While a slow recovery may be frustrating, it will make sure you are able to get to 100% again.

You Can’t Remember Your Last Break

While keeping busy and accomplishing your goals is important, pushing yourself too hard for too long isn’t actually good for long-term motivation. Burnout is a real thing, especially if you aren’t taking care of yourself. If you can’t remember the last time you took a vacation or really relaxed, it is time to take another break. If your work offers PTO, you should be taking it. Not only is it part of your compensation, but a break can also actually help you come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your projects and goals with new enthusiasm.


Slowing down doesn’t make you a bad person. In fact, it actually means that you understand the importance of taking care of yourself and making sure that you have a good balance. Occasionally slowing down will allow you to have the energy to run faster when needed.


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Example: Treadmill (2x), Elliptical (2x), etc.
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