Stepmill and Stair Climber
Repair and Maintenance Services

Have Your Stepmills or Stair Climbers Stopped Stepping Up?

Stepmills and Stair Climbers, with their complex design and multiple moving parts, can malfunction unexpectedly, disrupting your fitness journey. That’s when our seasoned professionals come in. Our Stepmill repair and maintenance professionals can provide regular cleaning and maintenance of these machines to prolong their usage and prevent sudden breakage or expensive repairs.

Our Stepmill Repair Services : Setting the Industry Standard

We believe in taking a proactive approach with our preventive maintenance service agreements, designed to safeguard your equipment’s lifespan and reduce potential repair expenses.

Our Recommended Stepmill Maintenance Plan


Cleaning of bike surfaces
Functional checks of the display monitor, heart rate sensors, and overall operation
Inspecting pedals, straps, housing, and overlay


Checking for unusual sounds from the pedals
Inspecting and lubricating handlebar and seat post Checking and adjusting the belt tension
Calibrating the treadmill to verify proper functions


Comprehensive check including monthly tasks
Battery voltage and health check


Comprehensive check and preventive maintenance

How We Work

Functional checks of the display monitor, heart rate sensors, and overall operation

Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to you the customer is done through superior service. Demonstrated with every customer, every call, every day.
Our trained technicians work on all types of fitness equipment brands and perform thousands of exercise bike repairs. No job is too big for us. We also go the extra mile to teach our clients how to handle simple repairs before getting professional help. Think of us as a resource for when you simply have a question or want to order your next equipment purchase. For all top brands, we now offer warranty repairs or installation. Gaining the confidence of national manufacturers as well as you, the client, took many years. Payment for in-home or business repairs is fast and simple.
ServiceRX provides certified service repair technicians to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Maryland regions. So whether it is a treadmill repair or weight system we got you covered in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Fayetteville, Charlotte, Greenville, Columbia, Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Athens, Fairfax, Fredericksburg, Washington DC, and more Cities near you.
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Fitness Equipment Repair Near Me: Your Equipment is in Top Condition

ServiceRX has your back if you need repair services for your exercise equipment. We serve the whole Mid-Atlantic region. Get in touch for exercise equipment repair including treadmill repair, elliptical repair, and more.
No matter if it is a treadmill repair in Charlotte, Greensboro, or Manassas. Or the assembly of a new piece of equipment in Alexandria VA. Our goal is to provide service beyond your satisfaction. This can be accomplished in multiple ways.

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