Avoiding Liability: Using Certified and Insured Fitness Equipment Repair Companies

Man hurt on treadmill

As the demand for fitness equipment in multi-housing, property management, and public facilities continues to grow, so does the need for reliable, certified, and insured repair services. Having certified and insured fitness equipment repair services can reduce liability for owners of multi-housing properties and property managers. Let’s explore why it is important to utilize certified […]

The Benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Agreement for Your School’s Fitness Equipment

College Fitness Center

Every school should consider having a preventative maintenance agreement for their fitness equipment. This type of agreement ensures that the equipment is in good working order for the safety of the students. It also allows you to get regular inspections from qualified professionals.  In this blog, we discuss the benefits of having a preventative maintenance […]

The Benefits of an Excellent Insurance Policy for Fitness Equipment Repair Companies

Man hurt at gym

Speaking From Experience! As a fitness business owner, you know that your customers rely on your team to provide quality repairs to their equipment. But what happens if something goes wrong? Without an excellent insurance policy in place, fitness equipment repair companies may find themselves facing lawsuits and other costly legal actions. That’s why it’s […]