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Troubleshooting Your Treadmill: Quick Fixes to Common Treadmill Issues

Running on a treadmill

You have your running shoes laced up, a full water bottle in hand, and an awesome pump-up playlist already blasting through your wireless headphones. You’ve never been more ready to crush a treadmill workout! But as soon as you try to start up the treadmill, something isn’t right. 

No one wants to experience this themselves or have a member at their studio experience this. Luckily, there are plenty of common treadmill issues that you can fix within a matter of minutes.

So whether it’s your home treadmill or you work in a commercial fitness space – don’t let a small treadmill problem get in the way of a great workout for you or your members. Read below for a quick fix guide to troubleshooting treadmill issues.

Treadmill Won’t Turn On

If your treadmill won’t turn on the first thing to do is check the power source. Is the treadmill plugged into the power source and securely plugged into the machine? If so, it still could be an issue with the outlet. Here are a few other things you can try:

  • Try plugging in another device (lamp, phone charger, etc.) to determine whether there is an issue with the power outlet
  • If the outlet won’t power any device, try the circuit breaker – the switch could be tripped and you can reset it 
  • Try plugging the treadmill into a different outlet and see if the power comes on

If you’ve exhausted these options, it might be time to look into professional treadmill repair. There’s no harm in getting help from an experienced professional. 

Man running on treadmill

The Treadmill Shuts Off During Use.

If your treadmill is turning off during use it’s probably an issue with the power switch. Try turning off the machine and unplugging it. Wait five minutes. Turn it back on and try again.

You can also try removing the safety key from the center console and re-inserting it. See if the treadmill with start and stay on. 

If those solutions don’t work you could have a structural issue with your machine. You can contact an exercise equipment repair service for help.

Problems With the Treadmill Belt

The treadmill belt faces the most wear and tear of all the treadmill parts so it can often be the source of treadmill issues. Here are a few common treadmill belt problems:

  • Belt is overheated
  • Belt is too tight or too loose
  • Belt comes uncentered

The treadmill belt can get overheated from too much friction. The best way to avoid or fix this problem is by using lubrication on the treadmill. The lubrication should be applied underneath the belt. You can move the belt manually to lubricate all parts of the treadmill.

You can purchase lubricant for the treadmill online. You can also schedule regular servicing for your treadmill with a fitness equipment service company.

The treadmill belt can get too tight or too loose. Try lifting the belt with your hand about two or three inches in the middle. If you can lift it higher than that – the belt is too loose and if you can’t lift it up – the belt is too tight. 

If the belt is too tight, you can loosen it using an Allen wrench. If it’s too loose, you can use the same tool to tighten it. Whenever you are making repairs to the treadmill be sure that the machine is powered off and unplugged.

When the belt is coming uncentered you could have a problem with the rear rollers. You can fix this problem yourself but it’s probably best to leave it to a professional. Fixing the belt involves adjusting the rollers using a T-shaped Allen wrench while the treadmill is on the slowest speed.

Burning Rubber Smell  

If your treadmill smells like it’s burning, turn it off and unplug it immediately. The smell is probably due to excessive friction between the deck and motor. It could also be an issue with the electronics or the wiring. 

The problems that can cause a burning smell are serious because they could cause a fire. Keep the treadmill unplugged and call fitness equipment services right away.

No Display 

Having issues with the treadmill screen or console? It could be a result of wiring issues or a bad motor control board. The machine will keep working but the display will not.

Try unplugging the treadmill and check the wires between the console and the motor control board. If any of the wires are disconnected, you can reconnect them. If all the wires look okay, you may need a new console display or motor control board.

If you can’t spot the wire issues easily and you suspect a larger issue, contact a professional. If the machine is old you may even consider replacing it with a new one.

Heart Rate Isn’t Accurate

Heart rate readings on your treadmill can be inaccurate if there is an issue with the sensors, wires, or console display. Before troubleshooting the issue, make sure you are following the instructions for heart rate readings.

First, make sure that your hands are clean and dry. Grip the sensor for at least 15 seconds while standing with your feet on the outside of the belt. If the reading doesn’t display or it seems inaccurate you can try cleaning the sensors and hand grips with sanitizing wipes.

If you are still having issues with the heart rate display, try unplugging the machine. Check the wiring connection between the sensors and the console display. Reconnect wires if they are disconnected. If wiring isn’t the problem you may have to replace the heart rate sensors.

Professional Treadmill and Elliptical Repair 

Hopefully, this guide gave you the information you need to fix your treadmill. Remember that safety is the top priority. If you aren’t confident about fixing issues yourself, it’s time to call in the pros.

At ServiceRx we provide treadmill and elliptical repair, installation, and maintenance. So whether you need help with a residential fitness machine or a whole flight of machines at your fitness studio – we can help. Contact us online today!