Purchase a treadmill

How to Buy a Treadmill

How To Buy a Treadmill

How to buy a treadmill and what really matters. The facts from a service company. That ‘s right the facts.  So lets dive right in and discuss what it is you need vs what you think you want.

1) Are you a runner or a walker? 

2) How many users?

3) How many times a week do you expect to use it?

4) Lastly, the hard question weight. How your weight plays a role in the use and longevity of your treadmill.

So lets learn How to Buy a Treadmill

Residential Treadmills 

     The right treadmill is important for your weight loss and health goals. Here you will learn how to purchase the right treadmill for your needs. Every purchase should start with the motor size. This determines what sustained duties the treadmill is capable of.

  1. Walking – Are you an avid walker?  You are OK to start with a motor size between 2 and 2.5 HP or CHP. Most treadmills will have a weight capacity of 300 lbs. We recommend if your current weight is 250 lbs and up that you purchase a treadmill with a 2.5 plus size motor. You will get better results over time with less chance of equipment failure. ProForm SMART Performance 400i
  2.  Jogging – Do you like a light job but think of yourself as a runner? This is a question that brings weight into the equation again. If you are under 200 lbs you are OK with a motor that is 2 to 2.5 HP or CHP. Anything above 200 lbs and we would suggest a 2.5 HP and up.

     Nordic Track T 6.5 Si

  3. Runners – So you like to go fast? You will want a 2.5 HP at minimum but we really suggest 3 HP or higher. Again weight is a issue. It would be safe to say once you start hitting 2oo lbs and up you would want to increase you motor size.

    Sole F80 Treadmill

  4. Incline Training – What is incline training? Essentially it is walking or jogging up hill for extended periods. These units usually reach inclines of 40%. They are built better than the average treadmill and can handle a little more abuse.

    NordicTrack Commercial X11i

  5. Lastly – How much use is this treadmill getting? Residential products are designed for 3 hours or less a day. If you think that this piece of equipment will be used more. Consider purchasing a light commercial piece of equipment.

    Vision T600 Treadmill

Popular Brands

Deck Length

Walkers / Joggers – 50″ Minimum 

Runners – 55″ Minimum

Runners over 6′ – 60″ Minimum

Price Of Residential Treadmills

$200 – $800 

Proceed with extreme caution. While this may feel like a lot of money to you, it is the bottom of the barrel for the fitness industry. 


$800 – $1300 

Now you are getting somewhere. However this is the point that you want to start asking yourself how am I going to use this? Start applying the motor suggestions here.

$1300 and Up 

Once you you have entered this price point the quality starts to get better and better. You still want to factor in the the motor size and how you plan to use it. Now you are adding more bells and whistles. 

Bells, Whistles and Warranties

     There is really no guarantee of longevity. Treadmill manufacturers have gotten much better. The products are much more durable today. But in the residential fitness space we highly suggest you buy an extended warranty. Consoles are expensive. Calling a service tech for a non-warranty repair is expensive. Techs don’t carry parts. So you pay per trip and pay for the part. 

Warranties can last a long time ans save you a lot of money if you should ever have a problem