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Common Elliptical Repairs You Might Need

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  There are plenty of reasons people don’t exercise: Time, energy, motivation, etc. But a broken elliptical, treadmill or any other cardio equipment shouldn’t get in the way of crushing a cardio session. So, if you own or manage a gym with ellipticals, keep reading! Whether you’re a gym owner, a hotel manager, or responsible for fitness amenities in an apartment complex, this article is a must-read.

This article will share a few of the most common issues and elliptical repairs your machines might need. While some of the problems are easy to fix, others require expertise. When in doubt, call an expert!

Help others exercise safely, get healthy, and stay healthy by taking care of your elliptical machine.

Broken Console

The console is the screen or monitor of the elliptical that displays information. Sometimes the console can freeze or stop responding. When you’re having this problem, you can start by resetting or unplugging the machine to see if the console lights up and is responsive. Always start by checking the power. Make sure that you also check to see that a cord is properly seated in the “power brick,” if you have one. Often, it looks good, but the cord might not be making good contact. If the ‘brick” has an LED light that is not lit, then you have a power supply problem.

Pro Tip: Even if your “power brick” has a working LED light, try this. If you have the same working elliptical available, take the power supply from a known working machine and try it on the nonworking machine to see if it resolves the problem.

If the console is still not working, you may have to replace it. You can easily get the console replaced as long as you can find a replacement part available for purchase. Some older elliptical models may not have new consoles for sale.

Before you purchase a new console, it’s worth contacting an elliptical repair service to see if there are any wiring issues or other unresolved problems that could be preventing the console from working. The repair service may also be able to tell you where to get replacement parts.

Weird Noises

Are you hearing strange noises coming from the elliptical exercise machine? The culprit is most likely a lack of lubrication. Over time, the pivot points of the machine wear down unless grease is applied. 

If you suspect lubrication is the issue, start by removing screws, covers, handlebars, and pedal arms. Apply all-purpose grease to the pivot points and keep your eye out for anything else that could be causing the noise (i.e., loose parts). Replace the parts you removed, and try the machine again. 

If the noises persist, you may have a larger issue, such as a problem with the belt or the motor. Keep reading for repair suggestions for those issues.

Drive Belt Is Broken

One of the most common reasons for the elliptical not working is the drive belt. The drive belt is located inside the elliptical, and it wears down the more it’s used. The belt can also trap dust, dirt, and other debris, which causes it to malfunction.

Checking the drive belt should be part of regularly scheduled maintenance for your machine. A well-maintained drive belt will last longer before you have to replace it.

Keep in mind that while you can replace the drive belt yourself, it’s advanced. And if it’s not completed correctly, you could damage the machine further. Call for repair if you don’t think you can fix or replace the drive belt yourself.

Faulty Resistance Motor or Generator

If the resistance on the elliptical is not working, you could have an issue with the resistance motor or generator. This is a particularly troubling issue because it’s hard to get a good workout when the resistance is stuck at one level. 

If the resistance will change when adjusted manually you may have an issue with the console, not the motor. See troubleshooting elliptical console instructions above.

If you cannot adjust the resistance at all, it’s likely a problem with the motor or generator. To address this issue, you’ll need a few specific tools, including a multimeter to measure voltage. If you don’t have the proper tools, call a professional instead.

The console should send voltage to the resistance motor. If the motor is receiving voltage but still not working, you need to replace the motor entirely. 

Elliptical Feels Wobbly

  If the elliptical feels unsteady, there are a few simple ways to address this issue. First, check that the elliptical is on hard flooring, not carpet. Most types of carpet are too soft and can cause the machine to rock back and forth when in use. You can also put the elliptical on a rubber mat (thick treadmill mat) for additional stability.

Next, make sure that all the bolts attached to the frame are tightened. The bolts can get loose over time, so it’s important to regularly check them.

If your elliptical machine still seems unstable and therefore unsafe, call a fitness equipment expert to see if there are other issues. It could be a problem with how the machine was assembled.

Broken Handlebars

The elliptical handlebars are important to safely use the machine. So if the handlebars are wobbly or broken, fix them before anyone else uses the machine again.

Start by removing the handlebar covers. Tighten the bolts on the handlebar pivot points. Replace the covers and try the handlebars again. If the handlebars are still unstable, call a repair service.

Preventing Elliptical Problems

You can extend the life of your elliptical by scheduling regular maintenance. Professional fitness equipment experts know the signs of damage and can help you address small repairs before they become larger issues.

In addition to maintenance, be on the lookout for any broken, missing, or loose pieces of the machine. While they may seem like small parts, they can impact the safety of the machine. 

And finally, keep the machines clean. Dirt, sweat, and other substances can damage the machine or cause it to wear down quickly. Use a machine-sanitizing solution and make cleaning supplies available to all gym-goers. However, be careful which products you use because ellipticals can get water damaged when exposed to too much liquid.

Call For Elliptical Repairs

Give people one less reason to skip a workout by making sure all of your gym equipment is working properly. Schedule maintenance, check your machines, and clean all your equipment regularly. 

If you are having problems with your elliptical, try the solutions mentioned above. If the issues continue or if you’re having problems with a treadmill or other piece of fitness equipment, contact us. We provide elliptical repairs, maintenance services, and installation!